Walking Safaris

Awaken your senses on a bushwalk of a lifetime. Walking safaris were the original safaris and will give you the same up-close perspective as our earliest human ancestors. Get an unrivaled, intimate experience as you walk alongside an expert naturalist guide, weaving through breathtaking landscapes on foot, ready for the unexpected.

You will learn to appreciate not only the animals but the land they inhabit and the complex ecosystem that surrounds it all. Distinguish the tracks of a feline from a canine, feel the warmth of the termites’ mounds, and expect primeval moments at every turn. This is a safari as it used to be done—with a sense of adventure.

We’ll introduce you to the slower, quieter life in the bush and make sure you leave only footprints behind. A caravan of friendly camels will carry your comfortable mobile camp to remote and splendid locations each day – an unforgettable safari in true nomad form!

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