Family Safaris

What’s even better than seeing an elephant in the wild? Watching your child spot one.
Family safaris provide wonderment that every generation will cherish for a lifetime.

Our trips go beyond forging memories. They bring families together through life-changing experiences to make a profound impact on everyone. The team at Elevate Safaris have all fallen deeply for Africa’s nurturing quality and cannot wait to introduce your clan to her warm embrace. With our carefully selected boutique eco-lodges and trusted partners on the ground, your tribe will get to enjoy the type of authentic cultural interactions that leave a lasting mark.

Learning to track game with a Maasai warrior and interacting with local children will grow your family's deep appreciation for nature and foreign cultures – an invaluable gift for anyone.

Tell us what you’re imagining for your family’s dream safari. We’ll take care of all the details, so your only job is to enjoy Planet Earth’s ultimate classroom.

Plan Your Safari