Conservation Safaris

Africa has some of the most spectacular wildlife and wilderness on earth, and some of the most fragile too. Protecting Africa for generations to come is our passion and so is sharing her many wonders with you. We’ve designed these conservation safaris for nature lovers who want to make a difference. You’ll get a rare chance to truly get behind the scenes of this continent’s greatest spectacles while directly supporting wildlife, habitats, and people.

Every Elevate safari is proactive about wildlife protection and supports local initiatives that rely on tourism for funding. On your conservation safari, you’ll get up close to the wildlife that stirs your soul and learn from some of the most influential leaders in the conservation world today. We want you to not only enjoy these breathtaking encounters, but also gain a deeper appreciation of their conservation values.

Whether you choose to count the last remaining Northern white rhino in Kenya, track leopards in Namibia, or identify elephants in Tanzania, we’ll connect you with projects that speak to your heart and help you leave a positive legacy behind.

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